The human body has natural healing abilities. Holistic healing and alternative health care solutions support the body in healing itself. Sacred Self Wellness is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health through natural healing alternatives. Call 631-332-1112 or email us to heal.


Raindrop Therapy
Raindrop therapy is an application technique using a sequence of therapeutic grade A essential oils dispensed like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches onto the spine. Read More

Holistic Integrative Massage
Holistic Integrative Massage is an integration of various massage modalities in one massage session. Read More

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage is a special massage technique that involves using heated, smooth basalt stones to massage the body. Read More

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I work to move stagnation of Qi in the body, unblocking the flow, bringing the body's energy back into balance. Qi or chi (energy) moves the blood and lymph, if the Qi is blocked in some way from emotional, physical or mental stagnation, the client may experience physical pain, dysfunction and eventually disease.

By moving Qi, I am also helping my client raise their vibration. When Qi is stuck the energy vibrates at a low vibration which has been correlated with infection, diseases, viruses, and cancer. By moving this energy the body goes back into balance thereby allowing the body to vibrate optimally, and disease patterns may cease to exist.

- Louise Scalza, LMT, CIMI, REIKI III